Tango in Buenos AiresThere is no better place for exploring tango culture and tango clothing than Buenos Aires!

Buenos Aires is the city where the story of tango began. In the second half of the 19th Century the urban metropolitan area of Rio de la Plata was a melting pot of different immigrant cultures. In the poor neighborhoods of the rapidly growing city Montevideo, diverse musical styles, rhythms and elements where mixing up to become the one of a kind music that we know today as argentine tango. Immediately people began moving to it. Around 1880, still considered the dance of the poor underclass, workers and prostitutes, tango quickly became an integral part of popular culture of Río de la Plata. By 1890 a great majority of the city’s population flocked to public dances events called milongas. Already in the first decade of the 20th century tango culture had crossed the Atlantic Ocean and found its way to the elegant salons of Paris creating not only a general acceptance with the upper class but also the allure it still holds today.

Ute Prause Visits Buenos Aires

This year the designer of UP-Tango Fashion Design, Ute Prause, will not be spending her winter holidays under a Christmas tree but rather traveling to the capital of tango to present the UP-Tango collection of unique dance dresses on milongas, find new partner tango shops, meet tango groups from Río de la Plata and explore the vibrating tango life of Buenos Aires.

From December 20th on we will give regular updates on UP-Tango’s trip to Argentina. On this page you will find information about the best milongas in town, the most famous tango spots and the best stores for tango accessories. We invite you to travel with us for an adventurous dive into tango culture!