Tango in Buenos AiresUP-Tango has finally crossed the Atlantic Ocean!

On Sunday the designer Ute Prause set foot on Argentinian ground to explore tango culture and tango clothing of Buenos Aires. Of course there is a lot to discover and no time to lose. Yesterday Ute went to a tango event in the cultural centre Torquato Tasso in San Telmo to dance her first milonga in the capital of tango. San Telmo is the oldest neighborhood in Buenos Aires. It is known for its old colonial building, antique shops and all kind of cultural events related to tango in Buenos Aires. You can find a lot of different tango bars, tango dancers performing on the street, milongas and tango shows in old cafés.

Visiting the Traditional Tango Bar Torquato Tasso

The milonga in Torquato Tasso is famous but mostly visited by local tangueros. The front of the tango bar near Lezama Square sticks out for its colorful murals called “filetes”, a typical kind of local painting. It is also known for being the setting for the tango movies “The Tango Lesson” and “Assassination Tango”. The tango bar organizes tango concerts by famous artists and young upcoming tango musicians. Besides you can take tango lessons and, of course, dance tango on free Sunday milongas.

This weekend Ute had the pleasure to visit the Milonga del Tasso with live music of the tango group RASCACIELOS. It was great start into the winter holidays! During the next couple of days she will visit more tango events to enjoy tango life and present her collection of unique dance dresses at authentic tango locations in Buenos Aires.