Tango in Buenos Aires on New Year's Eve

Slow Tango on New Year’s Eve

Dancing into the New Year – milongueando with the tango community of Buenos Aires

The year 2012 was a successful year for UP-Tango and full of new, exciting tango experiences for designer Ute Prause. Also the end of the year turned out to be a splendit night celebrating with old and new friends from Buenos Aires, France, Spain and Cuba.

The organizer of the well known Milonga SUEÑO PORTEÑO, Julia Pugliese, invited all kind of international personalities of the tango community of Buenos Aires to her house in Pilar near the capital to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a typical Argentinian barbecue, the “asado“.

And of course, the night was ment to be a night of tango music and tango dancing. The milonga at Julia’s house ended at 5am with a slow tango to welcome the fist day of January 2013!

After this beautiful tango dinner, the new year started rather productive. Thanks to the help of

Tango in Buenos Aires

Street Tango in Buenos Aires

Bettina, Ute presented the UP-Tango collection on the weekly market of local art and design in San Telmo. Bettina is a well known insider of the tango community in Buenos Aires and owner of the hostel and tango meeting point LA CASA DEL SOL located in San Telmo. Bettina, also called “Wikibet”, is an expert when it comes to the tango community of Buenos Aires. She is a walking dictionary for tango events, tango music, all kind of tango personalities and milongas in Buenos Aires and helped Ute to make interesting connections promoting the UP-Tango collection of dance dresses and tango clothing.

Muchas gracias, Bettina!