Tango shoes are tanguera's best friends

Tango shoes are tanguera’s best friends

For every tango dancer who just started to practice comes the time to purchase tango equipment that can give a certain confidence and comfort.

Finding the right tango shoe takes a few minutes to try, test and feel the product. The web provides assistance: on www.verytango.com you can find a whole examination of tango shoes for both leads and followers which can be used as guide and shopping aid.

The perfect match: high quality tango equipment of Neotango combined with UP-Tango’s unique tango clothing

Personal well being, a good feeling and confidence are important to enjoy your tango dance and move forward with the development of your dance expression and personal tango style. The UP-Tango dance dresses were designed with an understanding for the tango dancer’s need for freedom, elegance and comfort. Travelling to Buenos Aires this winter the tango clothing designer Ute Prause has found the perfect partner to present UP-Tango dance dresses, tango skirts, dance pants and tango tops in Argentina’s capital of tango. The tango shoe shop Neotango Shoes does not only provide unique and sexy tango shoes of excellent quality that match the UP-Tango style, the shop owners Irma and Rodolfo also share the UP-Tango vision of unique dance wear designs:  elegance means true freedom of movements. When UP-Tango met Neotango it was no question to team up and offer the complete set of high quality dance wear to the tango community of Buenos Aires.

Are you ready for a new highlight in your wardrobe? You don’t have to travel to Buenos Aires. Just check out our special offers for Valentine’s Day! 20% on your entire order of  UP-Tango designs till the 15th of February.