Tango dresses for Valentine's Day

Beautiful tango dresses for Valentine’s Day

To this day historians argue about the identity of the legendary Saint Valentine. Still, that doesn’t represent an obstacle for couples all over the world to celebrate a romantic day together. Or to confess the well kept feelings to a secret crush. Who thinks that flowers, chocolate and pink love letters are rather old fashioned, should try something new to seduce the adored person. Why not invite your Valentine to share some intimacy while moving to the romantic tunes of a slow tango. If you don’t know where to find a tango event around your neighborhood, look at www.tango.org.uk. This web side provides you with an up to date tango agenda for Great Britain. Surprise your flirt with an invitation to a tango concert or milonga. Or even more sexy: put some tango music on and amaze your beloved with a candle light milonga in your own living room.

Tango dresses for a romantic evening

Do you still need the right tango dress for this occasion? UP-Tango provides you with a classy and elegant evening dress and dance wear. Check out the UP-Tango online store: the dance dress Nostalgia seduces with black laces, the tango skirt Flor de Lino attracts with red highlights. And we kept the best for the end: on Valentine’s Day you will receive 20% on your shopping. Check out this special offer!