Tango Festival MILONGUERO NIGHTS 2013 in Moscow: UP-Tango presents Tango Clothing and Dance Wear

Like last year the tango festival MILONGUERO NIGHTS 2013 was held in Moscow. The fashion designer Ute Prause travelled to Russia to meet tango friends and present her tango clothing brand UP-Tango and her collection of tango clothing and dance wear at the tango festival. MILONGUERO NIGHTS thrilled the audience with daily milogas, tango concerts, dance shows and the possibility to meet and greet friends from the international tango community….[+]

Dancing tango keeps you healthy – dance dresses of UP-Tango make you happy

It’s no secret that dancing tango with a beautiful tango dress can give you the greatest feeling! Nowadays also occidental medicine has acknowledged that argentine tango is a natural elixir. The dance is known to have an uplifting effect on your creativity. Tango increases your passion, it unites people of different ages and cultures, inspiring new romances and refreshing current ones. It is effective against sad feelings because it transforms…[+]

Tango Clothing and Dance Techniques for Tango Lovers

A recently published guide for tango teachers, advanced tango dancers as well as tango beginners gives a broad overview over the basic techniques, dance steps and styles of tango. With over hundred illustrations the book gives a great introduction to dance techniques, tango figures and tango movements. It is useful for everyone who wants to internalize tango steps and tango styles by himself/herself. The author of the book, Karo Pizzo,…[+]

Trends of Tango Clothing: How to find New Dance Dress Styles in Barcelona

For a fashion designer Barcelona is a never ending source of inspiration. Day and night bars and public places are crowed with people from around the world conscious for new trends, styles and labels. Also the cosmopolitan tango community of Barcelona presents itself as colourful and full of ideas. New trends of dance fashion and tango clothing are best discovered while taking a stroll through the vibrating night life of…[+]

1st Barcelona Tango Meeting: UP-Tango presents Tango Clothing

This tango event is eagerly awaited by the tango community: the 1st Barcelona Tango Meeting takes place from 23th to 27th of May and arouses the tango dancer’s excited anticipation with its extensive tango program. The tango festival is dedicated to explore the  tango style  Canyengue y Milonguero and therefore hosts international guests like  Martha Anton and  El Gallego Manolo who are specialists for that tango style. Also the multinational…[+]

RUTA DEL TANGO EN BARCELONA: stylish tango dresses easily found

Stylish tango dresses designed by Ute Prause. Photos: Joan S‡nchez

Barcelona is a hot spot for tango tourism. The city attracts not only with its cultural life, historical centre, the palaces of Antonio Gaudi and an exquisite Spanish cuisine, it also persuades tango dancers with its diverse offers of tango events. Now a special city guide called RUTA DEL TANGO EN BARCELONA gives an overview over the vibrating tango culture, including tango concerts, tango festivals, tango clothing boutiques, milongas and…[+]

Tango for Easter: new tango dresses are better than chocolate eggs

Tango dresses are better than chocolate eggs

Did you find a new tango dress in your Easter basket? Very good, during the Easter holiday there are a lot of opportunities to enjoy tango clothing, go out and show your new dance dress: throughout Europe a lot of tango festivals, tango events and milongas take place which invite to dance tango even on Easter Sunday. In Basel the 14th International Tango Festival Easter Tango 2013 invites to spend…[+]

Tango festivals- time and space for tango culture, dance passion and tango clothing

Time for tango and tango clothing- finally!

There is no better place to live a full and intensive tango experience than at a tango festival. Tango festivals give time and space to focus entirely on your tango skills, to meet up with people who share the same passion, enjoy tango fashion and tango clothing and to dance one tango after another, whole-heartedly. A selection of tango festivals are featured on different web sides, find international venues on…[+]

UP-Tango celebrates Spring with Tango Clothing at its Finest

tango dress Nostalgia

Spring is about to come! A good reason for Ute Prause, owner of the fashion label for tango clothing and dance dresses UP-Tango, to invite to her showroom and celebrate the change of season with a late birthday party last Saturday night. Visiting guests were singer Sandra Rehder and tango dancer Giovana Lacorazza, who performed to tango songs together: Por una cabeza and Volver, Sandra singing and Giovana on the…[+]

On the right Track to Tango in Barcelona

Tango in Barcelona - milonga open air

<a href=”http://www.up-tango.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/IMG_00782.jpg”><img class=”size-medium wp-image-1532″ src=”http://www.up-tango.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/IMG_00782-225×300.jpg” alt=”Tango in Barcelona – milonga open air” width=”225″ height=”300″ /></a> Tango in Barcelona – milonga open air Read More →