Tango in Barcelona – Through the night with UP-Tango

Dancing tango in Barcelona with tango clothing of UP-Tango

If you want to get to know the tango community and dance tango in Barcelona, there is a lot to discover. You can choose between a number of milongas, tango concerts and other tango events. The tango community of Barcelona is dynamic, creative and growing all the time. UP-Tango Designer moves a lot around in the tango community of Barcelona, not only to present her tango clothing fashion label but…[+]

Valentine’s Day with UP-Tango: the right tango dress for the day of love

tango dresses for Valentine's Day

To this day historians argue about the identity of the legendary Saint Valentine. Still, that doesn’t represent an obstacle for couples all over the world to celebrate a romantic day together. Or to confess the well kept feelings to a secret crush. Who thinks that flowers, chocolate and pink love letters are rather old fashioned, should try something new to seduce the adored person. Why not invite your Valentine to…[+]

Quality meets Quality – Tango Equipment by Neotango and UP-Tango

Tango shoes are tanguera's best friends

For every tango dancer who just started to practice comes the time to purchase tango equipment that can give a certain confidence and comfort. Finding the right tango shoe takes a few minutes to try, test and feel the product. The web provides assistance: on www.verytango.com you can find a whole examination of tango shoes for both leads and followers which can be used as guide and shopping aid. The…[+]

The Review: Tango Fashion all Year long!

Tango dance in red dance dress

Let’s take a look back at a great UP- Tango fashion year 2012: April: UP-Tango launched the dance wear blog with a citation of the fashion idol Coco Chanel “Elegance means true freedom of movement.” May: UP-Tango in Germany! Ute Prause presented her collection of dance dresses and tango clothing on the International Spring Tango Festival – Pentecost in Karlsruhe. June: UP-Tango organizes a Flash Mob in Barcelona. On June…[+]

Celebrating New Year’s Eve with the Argentinian Tango Community

Tango in Buenos Aires

Dancing into the New Year – milongueando with the tango community of Buenos Aires The year 2012 was a successful year for UP-Tango and full of new, exciting tango experiences for designer Ute Prause. Also the end of the year turned out to be a splendit night celebrating with old and new friends from Buenos Aires, France, Spain and Cuba. The organizer of the well known Milonga SUEÑO PORTEÑO, Julia…[+]

A Week Of Tango in Buenos Aires – Life “a full”

Ute Prause dives deep down into the tango life of the capital of tango The presentation of the UP-Tango collection of dance dresses and tango clothing at the Milonga en Orsay last Wednesday as well as the tango show at the Milonga Sueño Porteño were a full success. While the Milonga at Orsay attracks a young stylish public with urban style the Milonga Sueño Porteño is a more traditional tango event…[+]

First Catwalk Tango Show at Milonga in Buenos Aires

UpTango fashion in buenos aires

UP-Tango shows collection of tango clothing at selected milongas in Buenos Aires After a sunny and warm Christmas day strolling around in San Telmo, UP-Tango fashion designer Ute Prause visited her first milonga in the tango bar Torquato Tasso and had a swinging night dancing tango and meeting friends at the Milonga Parakultural. N Only five days in Buenos Aires and she is already busy preparing her first tango fashion…[+]

Arrival in Argentina – Tango in Buenos Aires

Tango in Buenos Aires

UP-Tango has finally crossed the Atlantic Ocean! On Sunday the designer Ute Prause set foot on Argentinian ground to explore tango culture and tango clothing of Buenos Aires. Of course there is a lot to discover and no time to lose. Yesterday Ute went to a tango event in the cultural centre Torquato Tasso in San Telmo to dance her first milonga in the capital of tango. San Telmo is…[+]

UP-Tango presents Tango Clothing Collection in Buenos Aires

Tango in Buenos Aires

There is no better place for exploring tango culture and tango clothing than Buenos Aires! Buenos Aires is the city where the story of tango began. In the second half of the 19th Century the urban metropolitan area of Rio de la Plata was a melting pot of different immigrant cultures. In the poor neighborhoods of the rapidly growing city Montevideo, diverse musical styles, rhythms and elements where mixing up…[+]

A Media Luz makes you shine

This example of UP-Tango dance dress fashion means black elegance with a nuance of red. The slightly asymmetrical cut flatters each tango movement.